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Audi TT RS

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Version: 4.3File Size: 2.48 MBCreator: Brj-oneRating: 0
Last Updated: 08-29-2017Released: 12-16-2015Downloads: 5644Views: 18284
Tags: IPad Landscape Ipad Mini Landscape
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Based from AUDI TT Dash Skin
Rev 1.0
Initial Test release to see what works, how it views. Screen size height increased. Added air density, map, catalytic conv temp, oil temp, ( oil temp needs PID support or formula based on coolant , ambient , load, revs, intake temp., generally oil is running 18 degrees hotter than coolant for this car. Added fuel flow, acceleration and braking.
Ver 1.1
Fixed Catalytic , Air Fuel, Timing Gauge. 7 Air Density PID reference. Fixed button references. Moved button actuation points for RPM , HP, Torque, Load, Throttle and Speed. Stage button and Elapsed times are not implemented in this version.
Ver 1.2
Changed Text Font . Render time on PC is running 300 ms. Implemented Button to toggle background on and off. May need to move some features to separate page to improve response time
Ver 3.2 Removed background from lower and upper screen readouts in previous versions. Removed toggle function from REVS, POWER, TORQUE, LOAD THROTTLE, SPEED due to overhead causing slow response. Minimum , Average, and Maximum display on all but SPEED which does not display minimum. IN this version size of MAX in Acceleration. Fixed other fonts to match Acceleration window. Fixed Latitude was displaying Altitude. Added scale marks back to MPG GPH . Fixed timing. Fixed Run and Idle display. Ver 3.3 Fixed various fonts for readability. Fixed MPG and GPH gauge. Ver 3.4 Fixed Engine Run and Idle Time., Fixed reversal of best and heat 0-60 and 1/4. Added best static value. Fixed Load, Fixed MAP gauge. Re-positioned Elapsed time window to allow for Dash Command "on" Display. Added 18 degrees F to Water temp for peusdo oil temp.
Ver 3.4 Fixed MAP display and Gauge
Ver 3.5 - 3.7 Fixed Load display . Changed Ignition Range -30 to + 30.
Ver 3.8 fixed some readability of text.
Ver 3.9 Increased text size to improve readability on MPG, GPH, Accel and Braking g's. Fixed (Hopefully incorrect PID references) Changed Igniton Timing Gauge Labels to allow for more advance. Changed g's scale to 1 and -1.
Ver 4.0 Fixed Timing Gauge Range,
Next ver needs reset for Engine stats and implement for auto stage timing.
Work on staging start and reset
Ver 4.1 Engine stats reflect trip T
Ver 4.2 Changed MPG and GPH to Linear Sweep Gauges.
Ver 4.3 Changed Accel and Brake to Linear Sweep Gauges.
Both Accel and Brake use TRIP T for Calculations.
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