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BRZ Extended Gauges

***under development*** BRZ gauges designed to work with BRZ PID pacakge

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Version: 0.51File Size: 187.17 KBCreator: fizbanRating: 0
Last Updated: 06-01-2018Released: 02-11-2018Downloads: 1494Views: 5104
Tags: BRZ
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A gauge set for BRZ with the Subaru pid package.

This Dashboard contains:

1. Direct Injection values
2. Port Injection Values
3. Engine Oil Temp
4. Inlet Air Temp
5. Knock Feedback
6. Knock Learning Value
7. Actual wideband Lambda
8. Commanded Lambda
9. Spark Advance
10. Voltage
11. Catalyst Temp
12. Short Range Trims
13. Long Range Trims
14. Cooland Temp
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