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Evolution X

This is the modded default skin for any Evo!

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Version: 1.1.3File Size: 2.5 MBCreator: swood8800Rating: 0
Last Updated: 12-13-2018Released: 11-25-2018Downloads: 915Views: 2968
Tags: Evo Evolution X Mitsu Mitsubishi
0 ratings

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Vehicle Advanced Settings: Fuel Tank- (14.5 gal) Final Drive Ratios- [GSR 5-spd) (AR 4.687,2.857,1.95,1.444,1.096,0.761) [MR 6-spd] (AR 4.062,3.655,2.368,1.754,1.322,1.008,0.775) Curb Weight- (3525 lbs) Drag Coefficients- (0.34) Frontal Area- (24.53 ft^2)
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