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Envoy A Mobile WS1 Landscape Wake

Tweaked to remove Trips and move A/F to engine 1

Simple and elegant set of dashboards in high contrast black & white with a splash of color suitable for mobile devices with a 320x480 screen.

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Version: 1003.1.3File Size: 468.03 KBCreator: charl77Rating: 0
Last Updated: 09-14-2020Released: 09-07-2020Downloads: 296Views: 922
Tags: Tuxedo,Landscape,iPhone,2:3,320x480,HVGA,iPod,640x960
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Removed Trip screens to increase performance
Fixed needle values for MAP and MAF containers
Moved A/F Lambda to engine 1 and MAP to engine 2



I have edited this dashboard to clean up some of the coding - using clip arcs and moving objects to the background to improve performance. No changes have been made to the design, only to the objects that render the design.



This set of 6 dashbaords includes the following gauges and features:

Performance dashboard:
- engine speed with sweeping bar
- corrected vehicle speed
- current fuel system in use (open or closed loop)*
- accelerator pedal position*
- throttle position*
- boost / vacuum combo gauge with maximum vacuum and maximum boost values
- acceleration (and braking)
- power at wheels with optional drag correction (air & tire)**
- torque at wheels**

Fuel economy / consumption dashboard:
- instantaneous fuel ecomony / consumption
- average fuel economy / consumption
- average fuel economy / consumption over 3 time periods
- distance to empty *
- time to empty *
- fuel level % *
- volume of fuel remaining in tank *
- fuel flow rate gauge with current, average, minumum and maximum values

Engine metrics dashboard 1:
- timing (spark avdance) *
- engine coolent temperature *
- intake air temperature
- ambient air temperature *
- manifold absolute pressure
- mass air flow

Engine metrics dashboard 2:
- fuel trims, short and long term (banks 1 to 4) *
- percent engine load *
- catalyst temperature *
- fuel rail pressure wwith two scales, low and high *
- lambda gauge with commanded and actual readings *
- air / fuel ration gauge *

Fillup dashboard:
- record fuel tank fillup events
- calibrates the fuel economy / consumption calculations
- allows input of the fuel price

* requires that the vehicle supports the underlying parameter ID.
** curb weight must be specified in the vehicle settings
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