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GR Yaris Track Essentials

Temperatures, vmax, rpm and boost

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Version: 1.71File Size: 41.03 KBCreator: white-squirrelRating: 0
Last Updated: 07-30-2021Released: 03-02-2021Downloads: 2358Views: 6670
Tags: Yaris
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Landscape Dashboard for GR Yaris
ECT - engine coolant temp
IAT - intake air temp
EOT - engine oil temp
CAT - catalytic converter temp
VMAX - top speed in logging period

Fixed max boost text label

Reduced colour saturation
Adjusted RPM and boost labels to be correct
VMAX and max boost adjusted to max(value) rather than max(value in trip) until I sort out a reset button

New feature - shift light button. Toggle different RPM's for shift light. "SHIFT LIGHT" = shift light is off.
RPM added - I could fit it so why not. Lag is still an issue.
Moved some items to background layer to help with performance

Removed vmax reset - I don't think this is possible without scripting
Added obd connection status at the top
Added recording button with status indicator
Fixed up dodgy GR graphic
Lowered shift light to 5k rpm: this works better for me because my obd reader isn't very fast, but you can change it to suit your needs the section Layer(Background)-Condition(Shift light) and edit "condition 1" in the properties (or disable it altogether)

Units spacing fixed
2nd attempt at reset button - i'm clueless
Display 'VAC' when haven't gone over 0kPa

Uploaded new version without gear display, couldn't get it working.
Added reset button for vmax (untested)
Changed hatching for boost gauge
Added degrees symbols

*fixed gear display (I think)
*doesn't look like the car logs knock events in obd so that change is abandoned

*verified working (unsure on gear, haven't logged to verify)
*background colour shift light (set to 6000rpm)
*fixed alignment issues
*added GR logo
*modified boost label and max boost indicator
*minor bounding box changes

Future changes: check gear display, maybe staged background colour change shift light (green-orange-red), timing, knock
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