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Citroen -dash

Tuxedo skin with GPS data and air/coolent tempatures on the home screen. Data is only display

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Version: 1.0File Size: 458.19 KBCreator: jdewsnap86Rating: 0
Last Updated: 02-10-2023Released: 02-10-2023Downloads: 147Views: 537
Tags: Tuxedo,Landscape,Widescreen,Full Screen,
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Note: This dashboard is still in beta testing. The main and fuel economy dashboards should be functional with minor cosmetic errors. The trip and DTC dashboards are still undergoing tests and have major cosmetic errors.

This dashboard was modified from Magno's Fuel and Trips design. In order to preserve dashboard size and increase speed this has been motified to only display imperial units.

The home screen has been motified to display the following datasets:
GPS (latitude, longitude),
Bearing (degrees, quadrant format),
Axes position (pitch, roll),
Tempatures (ambiant, coolant),
Fuel (cost, range, consumed, level),
Gas Milage (instance, average),
Trip (distance, cost, MPG, time).

If you have any suggestions or motification tips you can email them to [email protected] with the subject 'DashXL Skin'. If you are reporting an error please include a screenshot.
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