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Project Eclipse

Jeta1 Flash Dash

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Version: 3.1File Size: 3.72 MBCreator: Jeta1Rating: 4.50
Last Updated: 07-16-2022Released: 09-09-2014Downloads: 12268Views: 677033
Tags: Shift Lights, Tuxedo,Mobile,Landscape,iPhone,Android
4 ratings

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Beta skinxl used.

This is my latest daily.

I have reversed engineered many skins that are on this site to see how they work, as the tutorials are a bit lacking.

I would like to thank all of the skin creators for the ideas that have made my limited knowledge a working example.

Special thanks for Fizban for the inspiration to learn as I have followed and learned the most from his work.

Special thanks to wagonkit for the coolant and intake design.

Special thanks to Spannor for loading screen background.

Version 3.1
Reduced transparency for shift lights
Eliminated (max) collant temp ghost value and changed to just value

Version 3.0
Changed load screen, little dodge logo and cool picture

Version 2.9
Changed loading picture to Dodge
Added MIL indicator page

Version 2.8
Removed mask

Version 2.7
Added mask for COVID-19 compliance

Version 2.6
Added O2 sensor, fuel trim, voltage bank 1, 2, 3, 4

Version 2.5
Modified voltage gauge, centered voltage in green

Version 2.4
Adjusted day screen, since buried under load screen.

Version 2.3
Adjusted coolant level from 220 to 240
Added additional visual voltage warning (low and high)

Version 2.2
Small adjustments made

Version 2.1
Small adjustments made

Version 2.0

Added loading screen for Tiburon
Added Tuxedo Fuel Restet System
Added Tuxedo Mileage Infrmation

Version 1.7

*No Metric

Toned down for faster refresh rate

HP - Gauge - Ghost(max)/Actual
HP - Digital (max)

Torque - Gauge - Ghost(max)/Actual
Torque - Digital (max)

Air intake - Gauge - Actual
Air intake - Digital(min)
Ait intake - Digital(current)

RPM - Gauge (max 8000 rpm)

Speed - Digital (<10mph hidden)

Voltage - Gauge (red leaf indicator voltage <12)
Voltage - Digital - Actual

Range - Gauge - 0 - 300 (Trip)
Fuel Used - Digital
Trip Reset

Coolant - Gauge - Actual
Coolant - Digital(max)
Coolant - Digital(current)

Shift Indicators (full screen)
- 3200 RPM - green
- 4000 RPM - orange
- 5000 RPM - red

Night screen
Shift indicators (full screen)
- 3200 RPM - green (50% opacity)
- 4000 RPM - orange (50% opacity)
- 5000 RPM - red (50% opacity)


Version 1.6
Cleaned up gauges

Version 1.5
Alignment of gauges

Version 1.4
Inserted instant and average MPG gauge.
Less than <20 mpg, font is red

Version 1.3
This is my daily, small little tweaks, thought I would share.

Version 1.2
Lots of changes

Version 1.1
Added buttons to change screens
Added fan indicator at >197 F

Version 1.0 Initial Release

HP - Current & Max
Torque - Current & Max
Spark Advance
Voltage - Low/High Voltage Warning Indicator
MPG - Instant & Average
Air Intake - (min value - ghost)
Coolant (max value - ghost)
Cold Engine Indicator ( <118 F)
Shift Indicators
- 3200 RPM - yellow
- 4000 RPM - orange
- 5000 RPM - red

This is by no means complete, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment.

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